About Us

Thomas Lakits

BFF-Best Feet First Pty.Ltd. specialises in the distribution and training of Corrective Nail Bracing Systems in Australia. The company was established in 2011 by Thomas Lakits. Thomas, was initially an Airline Mechanical Engineer. In Austria he changed career to Medical Chiropody in order to specialise, with his wife in Corrective Nail Braces. Therefore, Thomas brings many years of experience in the specialised field of Corrective Nail Brace Systems and application Techniques. Seeing a need for this treatment option, as an alternative to Nail Surgery in Australian Podiatric Practice, we are endeavouring to bring this technique back into Podiatry Practices within Australia.

Our experience has found that, to be able to quickly and easily apply a Nail Brace, is of great advantage to the patient as well as profitable for the Podiatrist.

There are many different Nail Brace Systems on the European market, however we have selected 5 Nail Bracing Systems, all imported from Germany. These 5 braces, the Podofix®, PODOSTRIPE®, COMBIped®, 3 Piece Brace® (3TO®) and the 3TO PLUS are easily applied and work very efficiently to gain the best results.

Evelyn is our Australian Representative based in Brisbane. She is a registered Podiatrist with 10 years experience in Nail Bracing. With her help, we look forward to ensuring that Nail Bracing becomes a common alternate treatment option to Nail Surgery, for Ingrown and Involuted Nails

We have an Online Shop at www.nailbracing.com.au where all our Products and their respective Prices can be viewed, easliy ordered and paid for via the shopping cart and Paypal. Our website also contains all the information you will need on Nail Bracing - www.ingrown-toenail-treatment.com.au.

All stock is stored in Brisbane, thus orders can usually be received within 2 to 3 days of the order being placed and payment having been received. 

The Podofix® and COMBIped® Brace Systems can be purchased, self taught and used on Patients without training,. However, we offer a Level 1 Workshop that provides hands on training on these systems. In order to apply the 3 Piece System to Patients, the Level 2 Workshop must be attended and a competency reached. Both Workshops also provide tips in marketing the technique and treatment plans.