Corrective Nail Devices by Best Feet First Pty Ltd

Corrective nail braces are attached to the nail or fastened below the nail rim and activated by medically trained staff. The brace slightly lifts the nail rim, alleviating pressure on the surrounding tissue. Different devices can be used, depending on the individual case and medical requirements. BFF is specialized in corrective nail braces and supplies three different corrective nail devices which perfectly supplement each other:


The 3TO brace is a three-segment brace fitted with small wire hooks which are attached under the nail rim. The pulling force to lift the nail rim is continuously adjustable. The 3TO brace is only supplied to specially trained therapist who need to attand the corresponding seminars in order to apply the brace. This device is particularly suited for difficult cases of severely ingrown or curled nails.


The podofix brace is an adhesive brace which is attached to the nail surface where the integrated activation wire transmits its pulling force onto the nail. The use of podofix braces is very simple and does not require any special training. It can also be used by beauticians. Since there is no risk of injury, this brace type is particularly suited for patients suffering from diabetes.


The device combines the ease of use of the adhesive brace with the power of the wire brace. It consists of a wire fitted with a small hooked which is fastened under the nail rim, and an adhesive pad attached to the nail. The spring force of the wire lifts the nail and thus continually corrects the growth of the ingrown nail which is permanently healed.

Following the instructions, this brace can be fitted quickly and easily as well. It is suitable for all cases of ingrown and curled nails and can be applied to one side only or to both sides. The exact working principle and application of these devices is shown on the following pages.

3TO PLUS®-Brace

This new wire brace designed and manufactured in Germany, is a further development of the genuine 3TO® Brace. The brace consists of 2 arms with little preshaped hooks and a modern PLUS plastic pad. Once the pad has been firmly adhered to the nail, the wire arms can be fixed to it. This Medical Wire Brace is a truely professional, modern system. It distributes a firm force on the nail producing magnificent results over time.

Bending hooks is a thing of the past. The flexible wire arms in this Brace System, perfectly adapt to the shape of the nail and are always the correct length when applied to any nail by a odiatrist. The preshaped little hook, just needs to be squeezed to the correct size to accomodate the thickness of the nail. Once the hook is firmly attached to the free edge of the nail, the arm can be clipped under the PLUS Pad which is previously adhered to the surface of the nail.

The new 3TO PLUS® Brace System is prowerful and the force it applies to the nail is a result of the elastic force available in the spring, stainless streel wire from which the arms are made. A Podiatrist can choose between 2 wire thicknesses, 025mm or 0.30mm. This allows the practitioner to adjust the intensity of the force applied to the nail when applying the brace.


podofixPodo-StripeCOMBIped3TO-Brace3TO PLUS
Adhesive braceyesyesyes-padnoyes-pad
Wire bracenonoyesyesyes
Treatment of curled nails++++++++++
Treatment of ingrown nails+++++++++++
Where only one side of the nail is accessible+++++++no+++
Where neither side of the nail is accessible++++++nonono
Extremely thin nails++++++++-++
Very narrow nails+++-+++++
In case of hypergranulation++++++++++++
Force & effectiveness+/++++/+++/++++/++
Seminar requirednononoyesyes

The circumstance in which each brace is designed to be used is indicated in the table above.
The exact working principle and application of these devices is shown on the following pages.