The 3TO brace® is available in different versions.

3TO® brace standard with loop
  • Standard 3TO® brace & loop (10pc per pack)

    Is made of 0.35mm spring wire and is suitable in more than 95% of the cases.
    Loop is made of 0.3mm wire
Loop normal 0.30mm wire
  • Loop normal

    Has a wire strength of 0.3mm and is suitable for most cases.

PediGel® set
  • Sealing
    Once applied, the 3TO® brace must be set using a plastic compound. PediGel® is a gel which hardens in UV-light which is suitable for this purpose. 

  • Small 3TO® brace (children brace)
    Is suitable for nails of children, for small nails and fingernails. As with the standard brace, the wire strenght is 0.35mm but the brace shanks are shorter.

  • Extra strong 3TO® brace
    Is of the same appearance as the standard brace, but is made of 0.45mm strong wire and is only required for very strong, hard nails. It is also adjusted with an extra-strong loop.

  • Extra strong loop
    Is suitable for strong and hard nails, has a wire strength of 0.35mm, and is used in general with the "strong 3TO® brace".
wire of one brace, normal 0.35mm, strong 0.40mm
3TO® brace pack (standard 10pc, strong 5pc)