3TO One Day Training Workshop

Offer your patients a very successful, painless treatment for ingrown and involuted toe nails! Not only will your clients be convinced of the many advantages of the 3TO® brace technique, you will also profit by giving them a special service.

The 3TO Brace® technique may only be used by specially trained therapists. You will receive the right to use this technique after attending a 1 day 3TO® Training Workshop, in which you will learn the theory behind the 3TO® brace and its application. In the intensive Training Workshop you will gain important clues in the treatment of painful toenails.

Training Workshop (Level 2)

Professional intensive1 day Training Workshop with up to 8 participants.

The workshop content will include:

  • The engineering theory behind the Nail Braces.
  • The anatomy of the nail and thus the selection of Brace to be used.
  • Treatment of special complicated cases (extremely involuted or ingrown toenails; very thick or thin nails)
  • Efficient clearing of the nail sulcus and preparation of the nail.
  • Correct handling of the instruments necessary to apply 3TO Nail brace, Podofix and Combiped Braces to the large and small toenails.
  • Accurate adaption of the brace to the individual nail form. Fitting and placing the 3TO brace®
  • Treatment processes and timelines.
  • Removal and reapplication of the 3TO Brace.

Therapists or Professionals that would benefit from doing this course

  • Podiatrists