Area of Application

Treatment of ingrown nails with the COMBIped® brace

The COMBIped® brace can be used for painfully deformed, ingrown and involuted nails. The advantage of this brace is that it can be applied to a nail that has only one side of the nail accessible.

The brace is functional whether it is attached to only one or both sides.

The COMBIped Brace® was developed as a result of the success of the original 3TO®-wire brace and the Podofix® Active Adhesive Brace. The COMBIped® brace combines the advantages of these long tried and tested braces, with an adhesive pad attached to a length of spring stainless steel wire. At the end of the wire, a hook is bent by the therapist applying the brace. The pad is glue to the nail with a special adhesive and the hook attaches to the edge of the nail that is accessible. 

The COMBIped® brace may only be used by trained medical and accomplished therapists.