The Podofix® Active Adhesive Brace is available in four widths:

  • Mini (12 mm)
  • S (16 mm)
  • M (19 mm)
  • L (22 mm)

Each size is available in packs of 8 and is supplied together with 8 alcohol swabs to clean the nail.

PediGel Set


PediGel is used to seal the fitted Podofix® Active Adhesive Brace and is hardened with a micro UV Light. The mirco lamp contains four batteries that will need replacing from time to time, and are also available from 3TO Best Feet First Pty Ltd.

Ortho Glue


The ORTHO GLUE is supplied in small 7 ml bottles, including a brush. Unopened adhesive has a shelf life of approximately 10 months, the best before date is indicated on the back of the bottle. Once opened, it is important to store it in the Fridge to help it keep for approx. 3 months.