Treatment & Applicaton

  1. The PODOSTRIPE® glue-on brace is a brace that can be used in nearly all cases involving deformed, painful     ingrown and involute nails.
  2. It is also suitable for the cosmetic correction of deformed nails and for use by diabetics.
  3. The PODOSTIPE® glue-on brace consists of a flexible plastic strip with two adhesion surfaces and a tab.

1. Step: -applying glue on first patch of suitable brace size
2.Step: -adhering first patch on carefully arranged nail
3.Step: -applying glue on second patch
4a.Step: -activating the brace by stretching the brace
4b.Step: -adhere second patch of the stretched brace
4c.Step: -pressing on second patch for 5 seconds
5.Step: -cut off tab of the PODOSTRIPE brace
Successfully applied PODSTIPE brace
Function of the stretched PODOSTIPE brace