Treatment & Application

adjusting the 3TO® brace

The 3TO® Brace is chosen to be fitted to an ingrown or Involuted (Curled) nail after a full examination and diagnosis is come to and explained to the patient.

The brace is initially supplied as a single piece of ready made and bent to shape spring stainless steel wire. Each of the 2 sides of the brace, is shaped exactly to the nail. A tiny hook is made at each end of the wire, which is placed under the free edge of the nail. The patient hardly feels the fitting of the brace.

activating the 3TO® brace

Finally, the two sides of the brace are joined by a loop. The tension of the brace is adjusted according to the patients comfort level. The brace should sit firmly and the patient should feel relief. The nail is slowly flattened by the natural growth as a result of the tension applied by the brace.  
After the superfluous ends of the wire are removed, the brace can be sealed with Pedigel. This fixes the brace and prevents any the wire from catching of clothing.

sealing the 3TO® brace

The brace remains on the nail and grows out with it. Depending on the case it will be removed and reapplied at regular intervals over a period between 3 to 12  months. The brace does not interfere with daily life and all sporting and working activities can be continued.

This treatment method is suitable for all age groups, including diabetics and those with nickel allegies.


3TO® Brace