Treatment & Application

  1. The plastic pad of the Podofix®  Active Adhesive Brace is individually fitted to the patient by simply bending it to the form of the nail.
  2. The brace is initially glued without tension, to the nail. The glue hardens in about one minute, then the brace is activated by twisting the wire loop.
  3. The brace acts to slightly lift the sides of the nail and the surrounding tissue is relieved of the pressure. The tension can be agreed upon with the patient.
  4. Superfluous wire is then cut off and the notch of the Podofix® Active Adhesive Brace is filled with PediGel thus sealing the wire in a few seconds. This treatment method is suitable for all age groups and can also be used on diabetics and those with an allergy to nickel.

adhering the podofix® brace
activating the podofix® brace
podofix - treatment and application
sealing the podofix® brace
podofix® Brace