Treatment success

The successful correction of malformed nails with a nail brace. Nail bracing is a gentle alternative for regulating ingrown and misshapen nails.  It helps deformed nails to grow naturally, in a better form and position. Surgery can be avoided and discomfort alleviated quickly and painlessly, long term, with this medical method. Similarly to braces on teeth, the 3TO® nail brace regulates change in shape and the natural growth of the nail.

There are about 8000 podiatrists, medical pedicurists and doctors in Germany are using the 3TO® brace therapy and there is literature which has found Nail Bracing to be a successful treatment method.
Patients are convinced by the medical and cosmetic results of Nail Bracing. They are thankful for the rapid help and the lasting effects of the treatment. This is a treatment that solves the problem exactly where it is – under the edge of the nail.